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SWFWMD sues Skyway Trap & Skeet





Today we are calling upon Governor Rick Scott, Attorney General Pam Bondi and the Florida Legislature to take immediate action to once and for all ABOLISH the Southwest Florida Water Management District commonly called SWFWMD (Swiftmud). 

Further, it is the duty and obligation of the Attorney General to investigate this state agency for criminal conduct and to prosecute those responsible for unlawful actions.

Additionally, to assure immediate action in an expeditious manner, I’m calling upon Governor Rick Scott to task the office of Chief Inspector General to investigate SWFWMD for these blatant and wanton Civil Rights/Second Amendment rights violations.

It is not merely conduct showing a lack of good faith or conduct that shows a resistance to the law, it is the overt actions to violate these rights, in clear defiance of the mandates put in place by Governor Jeb Bush. Those mandates were specifically implemented to stop the odious conduct of SWFWMD against the Skyway Trap and Skeet Club.

In open, knowing and intentional violation of the legal mandates put in place by Governor Jeb Bush, this rogue state agency has violated the legally executed agreement that was crafted to bring these lawsuits to a halt. Further, the law crafted by Governor Bush’s staff, under his direction, was intended to assure that the reckless and malicious actions of this state agency and their blatant attempt to destroy the Skyway Trap and Skeet Club could never again occur.

It is not just conduct contrary to law, SWFWMD has shown a penchant for arrogantly violating the agreement that ended the lawsuit, and for harassing and suing this small private trap and skeet club with the full intention of shutting down a small business.

Skyway Trap and Skeet Club serves the Second Amendment community of trap and skeet shooters, including being an Olympic training center for young, would be Olympians. This is not a ragtag facility; it is a highly professional facility that provides instruction for American Skeet & Trap as well as Olympic Skeet & Trap and Sporting Clays. The club has a full-time Olympic Development Program for youth and adults who aspire to represent the United States of America in the World Olympic Games. For 71 years this non-profit private club and business has
owned this property and has operated in this location.

SWFWMD is a malignant state agency that uses unlimited tax dollars in what I can only called an evil attempt to steal private property and destroy a small private business.

In 2004, at the direction of Governor Jeb Bush, Deputy Chief of Staff Simone Marstiller, Assistant General Counsel Chanta Combs, and Director of Policy and Budget for Environmental Issues Chris Flack worked to reign in SWFWMD and stop their scurrilous behavior.

In light of SWFWMD’s refusal to abide by the mandate of the agreement and the arrogant thumbing of their collective noses at the law, it is clear that the required action at this time is to abolish SWFWMD and pursue legal action against those who have participated in this conduct.

Attorney George Gramling , of Gramling Environmental Law, PA was and is counsel representing the Skyway Trap and Skeet Club and the National Rifle Association. Additionally, Skyway Trap and Skeet Club is also represented in the current lawsuit by attorney William H. Walker.

George Gramling, Gramling Environmental Law, PA, (813) 259-1060

Bob Warren is Officer and Manager of Skyway Trap and Skeet Club.


Included with my statement is a Fact Sheet that highlights events in this matter, a sheet detailing court rulings on the Right to Practice on a shooting range as an ancillary right of the Second Amendment to Right to Keep and Bear Arms, a copy of the 2004 Agreement and a copy of Florida Statutes 790.333.


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