"Annie Oakley"

Every Wednesday Night at 7PM

“Annie Oakley” is shot at the 27 yard line on a standard trap field with extra elevation and speed compared to American Trap.



  • Because the shooters are so close together during the Annie Oakley game they must sign in on the club sign in sheet and the special game sign in sheet without exception!
  • Shooters line up shoulder to shoulder on the 27 yard line.
  • The first three shooters load and get ready to shoot.
  • The fist shooter calls for the bird. If the first shooter hits the bird the next three shooters get ready to shoot.
  • If the first shooter misses the target, the second shooter shoots at the target, if they miss the third shooter shoots at the target.
  • If all three shooters miss the second shooter becomes the first shooter of the next target thrown.
  • If the second or third shooter hits the target they "mark” the shooter or shooters that missed the target and those who missed move to the end of the line.
  • The shooter that marked the other shooter(s) becomes the first shooter of the next three.
  • “Marks”can also be given to a shooter that shoots out of turn.
  • When a shooter gets 4 “Marks” they are out of the game.